Putting together the swing set!

We got an old Hills swing set from friends.  I hope Arthur gets good use out of it over the coming years!

Painting Jan's Office

Our helpx friends have been helping us paint Jan's office this week.  They painted the undercoat including all over the ceiling.  They've slowly been working on the other coats as well.  Still quite a bit to go!


Another Set of Trees

We have our second HelpX workers at the moment Luka & Hugo.  The first task we started on was planting trees.  First we scavanged fence posts, project wire and other bits and pieces from around our yard

Then we set to work planting the trees which involved digging into the hard soil to make a hole, hammering in a stake, gently planting the seedling then covering it with a coreflute surround.

We built a fence around the area where the first trees were planted to protect them from sheep



We came back from a trip to Melbourne to find some more baby chickens born.  I don't actually want any more Australorps because they can jump over our fences!   I think I'll look for a smaller breed of chook for any future increase to our flock.

Weed identification

What is this weed?





Weed Identification

What is this weed? I suspect it's a creeper?  It looks a little bit like creeping charlie but that has a purple flower!


Marking the lambs

We decided to mark the lambs while we had some expert help visiting.   I ducked inside while they were doing the job.  I am hoping the boys will be less agressive  now.


3rd swarm of bees

I was out hunting cherries in the garden when I came across another swarm of bees in our back cherry tree:


It was completely wrapped around the trunk.  I could hear they were quiet angry too.   Our neighbour came over with a smoker and brushed them into a hive for us:

We got the queen and could see the rest of the bees marching in!


So we now have 3 hives!  We just need to move them where we want them (where is that exactly?) a meter every night while they sleep.



I spotted an echnida as we were pulling into our driveway this afternoon.  It was going across the road to hide in the rubble at our neighbours house!  I wonder if it's liviing there and coming back and forwards for water.


A little bunch of poppies grew where I tossed some seeds last year.  They are extremely tall, but lovely


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