Tasmania Trip - Launceston to Home

Sunday February 26th

Jan and I drove to Richmond.  There were some old buildings there, all very interesting.  I'm surprised by my lack of photos really.

We had lunch at a bakery in Ross.  I had their "famous scallop pie"  It was pretty good.  Jan had scones and jam and cream.  My dad was calling us all day about his server issues.

In the afternoon we met Jan's cousin Edwin in Launceston at the water front.   Our car was so full of camping gear and other junk that Jan had to do two trips for us three to get to Edwin's house.  I along the lovely pier.  We really had the best weather on our trip to Tassie,  I guess it was too hot at times, but no rain, no wild winds.

Jan and Edwin and Oliver the most gorgeous cat with stunning blue eyes.  

We made it onto the boat and had a mediocre buffet dinner again.  I took lots of seasick pills and my vision went blury and I just remember taking off my shoes and turning off light and falling asleep in the cabin.  Jan tells me I was talking in my sleep.

Monday February 27th

As we pulled into Melbourne there was a gorgeous red glow over the city.   We had a wonderful catch up, leasurely breakfast with Gorgeous Clancye at a cafe.  Clancey packed us some treats for the road, and some mixed cds and we were off for home!

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