Adventure Christmas

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Not too long after Jaime's last post on the 3rd December, we embarked on an unexpected adventure - leading to a Christmas and new year completely unlike the one we'd had in mind.

Jaime went into labour 9 weeks early on the 13th December, and was flown down to the Mercy hospital in Melbourne. After a fairly harrowing day, and in an event both terrifying and lovely, we welcomed our baby boy Arthur into the world on the 14th December.

Arthur & Jaime

We spent 3 weeks down in Melbourne, with Arthur in the wonderful Mercy Hospital, before being given the all clear to transfer him back up here to Wodonga. He'll spend the next few weeks in the hospital here, and then we can finally bring him home.

We're very happy to be back in the Grove. With great big thanks to our amazing neighbours, the place survived the scorching heat fairly well. They also oversaw the addition of 4 lovely baby chooks, and 2 baby ducklings to our brood! The ducklings hatched out from under a broody chook, which makes for a very cute entourage :)

Ducklings and "mum"

Around the house, things are fairly dry and crunchy after days of very hot and dry weather - the hottest of which hit 48 degrees! One of our lovely chooks succumbed to the heat that day, poor thing. With a bit of watering some things don't seem to mind too much though - there are some good zucchinis and some golden nugget pumpkins nearly ready in the vegie patch.

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