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22.04.2012 jaime I created two paths in the driveway garden with orange bark. I then planted flower seedlings calendula, pansies, alyssums etc. I planted some cyclamens down the side of the house. Some turnips in the vege patch. I pruned more off a pear tree. I sprinkled around some flower seeds in the drive way gardens, who knows.
21.04.2012 jaime Pruned some more on the pear tree around the side, got some height down. Put some carrot our seed, gh beetroot detroit and gh silverbeet seeds down where the chooks were. Covered the area with some straw.
20.04.2012 jaime We've had quite a bit of rain over the last 24 hours. Jan has built the weather station. I sprinkled some Hon Tsai Tai (purple choy sum) from southern harvest) across the back of the vege patch. Hoping the rain will help them sprout. Still going to sprinkle bark over the area. Lots of sprouts and weeds popping up everywhere. Lawns are very long.
20.04.2012 jaime Found chick pea and telegraph pea seeds out in the rain so planted the lot around the garden. Jan mulched more in the front yard, i did more in the vege patch, i seasolled everything. We moved the bantams out of the vege patch out to their own paddock again under the perenial garden apple.
19.04.2012 jaime Saw the first shoot of garlic. Saw first safron bulb shoot too. Lots of pea shoots, plenty of sweet pea shoots. I need some seasol around the place. I spread around corriander seeds too in garlic patch and around brassicas. Need to more more bark onto vege patch.
18.04.2012 jaime Planted chick pea seedlings along jan's window. Green manure along the back ofvege patch and some bark over them. Some asian greens along the front of the path. Bok choi and i'll add some tat soi.
15.04.2012 jaime I had a flop year for beans. Huge vines nearly no fruit. My persimmons are ripening now. YUM! I probably have a few weeks worth coming, then i'll be waiting for strawberries and citrus. we have 10 citrus trees in the ground, 2 mandarine, 3 lemon, 3 orange, 1 blood orange, 1 tangello all are getting large fruit on them. Broadbean plants are growing strong. Brocollis are healthy under their nets. I'm setting up areas with sweet peas for some colour. The first frost will hit soon, i've picked 3 pumpkins, i guess i'll bring in 2 a week and eat the last in first. The vege patch is looking gorgeous with the red bark paths, not much growing in their yet. My seed trays were Pretty much a complete failure, all wilting. I don't know the reason, though soil has been drying out, wind? Cold? Not enough water? I'm out there twice a day with a light spray bottle. I moved the greenhouse into more sun. I was thinking for every plant i put in a tray, maybe i should stick some directly in the soil too. I suspect my new garlic,carrot, parsnip garden was a flop, no signs of any growth. No peas peaking out yet, i need to plant more. I still have many empty places in the garden to fill. I have planted 5m2 of green manure so far, probably should get on with emptying the packets around the place. I pulled in a basket full of basil and froze in muffin trays with water, just a reminder that basil wilts in frost so pull some in soon to dry,freeze,make pesto or pasta sauce if you're feeling winter already. I'm still spending time pruning and putting woodchips around. Though to be honest most mornings i just potter, walk slowly around my block and just notice tiny changes.
15.04.2012 jaime Planted about 18 cauliflower seedlings and just as many leek ones. A stevia and an oregano in the herb patch. Jan moved a large load of bark to the front left garden. He topped the trough again with screen.
11.04.2012 jaime We made some paths in the vege patch, covered in red bark. I watered a few things. I planted a cyclamen in the dark side garden. Nothing is growing in the garlic patch, I suspect the whole thing has failed. We made a red path next to the new garlic patch too. I think it's all looking great. We have many ideas. Just pruning and maintenence for now.
10.04.2012 jaime We've pulled in three pumpkins early because of threat of early frost. We got 5m3 bark delivered. All looks well.
09.04.2012 jaime Pruned side pear trees. Collected ute load of red bark. Seeds planted: eden long island brussel sprouts, mr fothergikks bok choi, our corriander seeds, our tuscan kale, ss mauve poppies, gh giant leeks, gh japanese burdock, ss globe artichoke, gh calendula, ss garlic chives. Also planted out bulbs brought from thurgoona.
07.04.2012 jaime Planted some pea and snow pea seeds near the broadbeans. I pulled out some amatanth, put bags over two heads to collect seeds. I put some green manure mix from seed savers. Watered everything. Got a ute load of bark. Put some around the fig tree.
06.04.2012 jaime Jan chainsawed off the rotten cherry in the front right garden and chainsawed on the nectarine and peach. I planted some flowers in that garden. Jan did some more pruning on the apple left side of drive. I pruned on the apricot at the front of the house. Jan painted my orange sculpture with some out door lacquer. I planted some more garlic under the apples near the garage. Jan made a big pile with the prunings. I planted some bulbs in the back garden. I put in some brown onion seeds with the brocollis in the vege patch, and covered the lot with a white fruit fly netting, to try and protect the brocollis from catapillers. We moved the bantams along a couple of meters to keep forming the green manure garden. I put a meters worth of bark on the path in the vege patch. We tidied up the garage a bit. Freecyced the bbq. I planted some succulants in the undercover garden.
03.04.2012 jaime I did a little weeding, no great effort, there is a huge amount to do, though mostly edging and mowing. I turfted the cherry branches in the paddock. I found the bantams had 7 little eggs in their nest. Where we've had the bantams wheat is growing, unwanted. I see the need for ground cover everywhere. We have sweet peas growign from seed in the pots on the back veranda.
02.04.2012 jaime I planted out 8 dwarving brocolli seedlings and 8 bunching brocolli seedlings. 6 of each went in the vege patch where I said I'd plant root veges. 2 of each went along the front drive way. I found one of my netted brussel sprouts has been eaten pretty badly. I took the net off and there's eggs in the netting itself. I will look over the plant later and put some fresh netting on it.
01.04.2012 jaime Jan put down cardboard around the espaliared apples and the fig. He laid down two scoops of soil. Under the apples i put carrot and parsnip seeds and some garlic will go in. Some water and hay on top. Under the fig some good bug mix. I stuck in some succulants to see what's what. We pruned the apple tree out the front a bit. Jan fixed up the dying oak fertiliser and grass clippings. We mowed. I pruned cherries and we sprayed on trees above 5 foot where they will need to be chopped.
28.03.2012 jaime Pulled the netting off some tommy tomatoes, picked all that seemed edible, lay the rest on the ground, moved the bantam patch over it. Throwing down some green manure mix where the bantams were. and a hand full of straw.
27.03.2012 jaime This morning I planted some poppy seeds over the dahlias. Then I watered the whole area with some seasol. I pulled out some weeds from the right hand side driveway garden. I really need to measure these two gardens and make a plan for them. They're so chaotic. The pears are in flower. I noticed the loquat is in flower. The strawberries have some flowers.
26.03.2012 jaime We moved the bantams to the back of the vege patch. 4 types of broad beans have gone in. Out the front egyptian little. Then from north to south along jan's window coles dwarf, red flowering and aqua dolce. First two from felicity/eden seeds. Second two from seed savers. Then underneath at jan's garden i planted purple potatoes. Wrong time of year but that's where they are.
26.03.2012 jaime I picked purple mustard seed originally from felicity. I fed mustard remains to us at dinner and to chooks. I also found some parsley seeds and ripped out the growth. I peeled purple king beans for seeds to dry, pulled out sunflower seeds and spread out some spaghetti squah seeds next to some watermelon ones.
26.03.2012 jaime Jan fitted a cover on the sheep trough, jan removed the zucchini plant, it'd had it's day. Yesterday we dug up potatoes, there weren't as many as i thought growing, mostly ones i had planted in nov/dec and they were tiny.
26.03.2012 jaime Planted 10 punnets of seeds, yates spinach, Growers pride hunter brown onions, green patch chick peas garbenzo, eden seeds brussels sprouts long island improved, eden seeds onion sweet spanish white, florence fennel from seed savers, mammoth melting snow peas southern harvest, sourthern harvest hon tsai tai - purple choy sum. chinese cabbage pak choi kwang moon (eden seeds) and J&J corriander.
22.03.2012 jaime This morning I picked bean seeds, onion seeds and lettuce seeds from the garden infront of the smoke house. They're inside with the sunflower head for drying and packaging. I also put water melon seeds to dry last night. I removed the arch from the garden to grow sweet peas on somewhere, maybe we need another garden.
21.03.2012 jaime This morning I pruned the apple tree in the perenial vege patch. I think it'll come down to 6 foot, maybe under. I think we'll bring the width in to three foot of the trunk at any point as well. Most of it is quite droopy but I think I'll prune it up to a foot off the ground but leave the rest. My motivation has mostly to get some light onto my poor spaghetti squash that just failed entirely. I think my plot is doomed though.
20.03.2012 jaime Pruned the apple trees. I wonder what the plant growing under the front western apple tree is. I thought it'd be angelica, I thought that's what I planted there from the Christmas seed savers meetup. I also noticed a lot of what looks like dill growing and some little lettuces. I think I'd like to cover the little apple garden into garlic/parsnip/corriander gardens.
19.03.2012 jaime Watered two western gardens, noticed carrots coming up in the raised garden. Parsnips everywhere.
19.03.2012 jaime Last night I planted a maiden hair fern and a birds nest fern in the rock garden on the back porch. This morning, I added Jan's bird of paradise to it, which had roots curled around and around the bottom of it! It was ready to move. I also planted a perennial basil from the markets in the herb garden. I trimmed the bushes out the front some more. I took the corn down to ground level ready for the chooks to go on (then broad beans and stands). I also pruned the apple tree west of the drive way a bit more. Ouch, it's going to take a while. I can probably manage 30 cuts before I get tired with the big loppers.
18.03.2012 jaime Picked up two more ducks, white with yellow beaks. We've decided we need to cover the sheep troughs with fly screen so ducks wont swim in it and muck it up. We also reckon we need an entire new duck house to keep the ducks away from the chook drinking water. We also want to dig up the chook pond from the chook house because it doesn't seem to do anything except get filled up with dirty runoff.
18.03.2012 jaime Planted 10 more seed lots in punnets. SH White oriental poppy 'Royal Wedding', Felicities Poppies x 2, SS Jacky's Mauve Poppy, JJ Corriander, SH Annual Corn flower, Mr Fothergill's Fox glove, SH heirloom sweet pea Busbee, SH mammoth chouice sweet pee. Anns Sweet pea. (SH = Southern Harvest, SS = Seed Savers, JJ = our own seed, GH = Green Harvest).
18.03.2012 jaime I planted 10 punnets of seeds: SS Globe artichoke, SS Becs Hollyhoks, SS J&J brocolli, SS Helanas mixed lettuce, GH Golden Acre cabbage, GH Chokito Pak Choi, GH Silver Ribs Silver Beet, GH Detroit Beetroot, GH Maayan Orange Calendula, GH Purple top white globe turnip. (SS= Seed savers, GH = Green harvest)


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