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17.03.2012 jaime This morning I trimmed some off the hedges under the front windows. I think they're camelias. I mostly took branches reaching for the sky off and trimmed the shape a little, nothing too drastic. They have buds on them so I wonder when they will flower. part of my motivation was to add to the light coming in our bedroom and office windows how that it's heading for winter. There was a deep fog over the garden this morning.
15.03.2012 jaime This morning I fertilised with seasol. I did the mint garden, two apple trees. The pretty garden under the windows. The whole top west garden, the fruit trees down the west, the big vege bed, the jan's window garden. Herb garden, mandarines and a couple of other trees heading east along the back. I think next I need to cut the pretty bushes down a bit.
14.03.2012 jaime This morning I weeded the herb garden, I really need to get in and whipper snip around it. The plan is to plant bulbs in there. I pulled the top layer off the worm farm, there's great fertiliser in the bottom. I spread a hand full over the strawberry /asparagus patch at top western side. I let the australorps and ducks out of their house, took them only a minute or so to all come out into the chook yard. so cute. ducks jumped straight into the pond. I collected some seeds from the purple king beans to use in stews. There's onion seeds and parsley seeds to collect. The rocket is flowering and the pumpkin in the front yard has started a tiny baby, hope it has enough time to grow. I'd like to cut the branches off the top west apple to give more light to my poor spaghetti vege that I haven't had one hit of fruit from.
13.03.2012 jaime I made some pickled cucumbers, <a href="">japanese style recipe</a>. I pulled apart the belladonna clumps a bit, and filled the green wheel barrow with them, then filled two little moving boxes. My plan is to recreate what I saw in Tasmania and plant them out in trenches or clumps in the front yard. Jan chainsawed more off the little apples, our plan there is to have them espaliar parallel to the garage, then on the road side have them bush out a little bit. We need to be able to cover them. Jan mulched a bit too.
11.03.2012 jaime Put together my little seed raising glass house. Watered western gardens, planted some seeds (lettuce, mustard, broccoli, rainbow chard, corriander, bok choi, spring onions, white spanish onions, sweet peas and eccanasia seeds). Planned out the winter gardens. Made green tomato and cucumber relish.
10.03.2012 jaime We collected 6 Australorps and 2 brown ducks. Trying to settle them into the little house behind the hay shed.
10.03.2012 jaime We pruned down the fig tree out the front to about half it's size. We put the bantams underneath it to help fertilise it and collect any bugs that are in fallen fruit.
09.03.2012 jaime Weeded the front left gardens. I found some strawberry runners and replanted them to bulk out the strawberry patch. My goal is to have strawberries all the way along under the grapes. I'm keen to prune the apple tree that is shading my melon gardens. I'd love to see atleast one spaghetti squash. We need to deal with the fig tree today and move the bantams.
08.03.2012 jaime I saw birds eating persimmons on the trees. neighbour warned us a fox might get in and kill chickens. bantams escaped and wandered around yard. I weeded the side vege patches. I mowed the front lawn. I am interested in growing more roses. I wonder about scale on the citrus trees and what to do about it.
14.11.2011 - 13:58 jaime Planted seeds and sorted packets
07.11.2011 - 23:12 jaime Mowed Bottom Paddock
13.11.2011 - 22:51 jan installed gate in the fence
07.11.2011 - 22:55 jaime 2 Chickens
07.11.2011 - 23:17 jaime Started herb garden
13.11.2011 - 22:54 jaime Planted Dahlias
07.11.2011 - 23:11 jaime Discussed pear/cherry slugs
10.11.2011 - 12:40 jan Collected fallen fruit
15.11.2011 - 16:14 jaime Root veges into vege patch
07.11.2011 - 23:16 jaime Cleaned out pond in chook run
13.11.2011 - 22:54 jaime Weeded vege patch and added garlic and other misc plants
07.11.2011 - 23:10 jaime Mowed Bottom Paddock
07.11.2011 - 23:21 jaime Picked up fallen fruit
15.11.2011 - 15:25 jaime Planted seed trays
07.11.2011 - 23:15 jaime Moved in
13.11.2011 - 22:53 jaime Sorted plants out into areas I'll plant them
07.11.2011 - 23:07 jaime Saw red cherry on ground in bottom paddock
07.11.2011 - 23:20 jaime Picked up fallen fruit
15.11.2011 - 15:21 jaime Planted Leafies
07.11.2011 - 23:12 jaime Mowed chook shed and bottom paddock
13.11.2011 - 22:52 jaime Discussed perenial vege patch with Felicity


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