A rose by any other name

Jan picked me some roses from our garden after a hard days work!

Planting trees


Jan and the french helpers planted some of the native trees and plants we got from Baranduda Land Care.   They also cleaned up the spot outside our back door where our glass table smashed, and filled in some holes.  The guys also did mowing, whippersnipping, pruning, sweeping, carrying heavy things and general garden tidying.


Tangello Cordial

I made a batch of tangello cordial with all the tangellos from our trees.  It made 5.5 bottles.   We drank some of the half bottle with our lunch on Thursday.


Sheep fence

The helpx guys strung the sheep fence and hung the gate with Jan.  The idea is we'll keep the sheep further back on our lot in an L shape paddock running along two fence lines.  There are two gates in the fence that will hopefully work out to get out there to the trees etc.


First Helpx visitors

We had our first helpx visitors.  Matt & Yoann.   The first afternoon and on wednesday Jan and the guys put up nets over some of our fruit trees.


We net our fruit trees to protect them from birds and from fruit fly.  We just have to hope the fruit fly haven't attacked them before we got the nets up.

Arthur's Tree


Jan planted Arthur's Jacarandah tree in the paddock.  He built a frame with pallets to protect it from the sheep.  The sheep are desperate to rub up against anything at the moment to get their wool off.


We've signed up for a cool new site. Help Exchange.  The idea is that people that want to come stay in our area can come stay with us and we provide them with meals.  In exchange they help us with tasks around our property.  We have our first two people booked in for next week.  I'm hoping we can finish the sheep fences and net the fruit trees while they are here. Here is our profile:  http://helpx.net/host.asp?hostid=24818


It's been a while

There's lots to write about but I'll start from today.  In season at our place at the moment : Oranges, Mandarines, lemons, tangellos, broad beans, snow peas, peas, silver beet, luttuce, Also got a nice supply of eggs, mint, parsley, lovage & rosemary. 

We have a lot of silverbeet.  I might try the oven baked chips where we spray them with oil and bake.



I've been weeding the vege patch and planting the new spring crops.  I planted globe artichokes, tomatoes, chillis, celery, basil, purple king beans, pumpkins (Blue, Butternut & golden nugget), zucchinis, cucumbers, thyme, more rosemary, sunflowers.

Trees Map

Here's the map of our existing trees.  you can see we can use quite a lot more, many many more.  SO far I've thought to add a jacaranda, 3 pin oaks, walnuts, almonds.  Still need to pick quite a few more trees to fill the yard.  We'll put some wattles that drop seeds for the chooks to eat.  I'd like quite a few more that have autumn colour leaves too.


Here's some circles of the zones.  Zone 1 is about how far we'll walk for a bunch of parsley for dinner when it's raining.  Zone 2 is where the rest of the crops can go and beyond that we'll have the animals and trees and once a year crops.


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