Tasmania Trip - Lake St Claire

Monday February 20th

We drove through the hills to Lake St Claire.   We stopped at a few viewing spots and look outs and the view was gorgeous.  It felt like we were alone out there.  We might've been, we drove on some rough trails to get across the mountains.

At Lake St Claire, we were a bit panicked.  We hadn't booked accomodation and we've never free camped before.   I couldn't remember where the free camping spot was so we went to the caravan park to find out about getting a spot there for the night.  There were so many cars at the national park.  There were people lined up at the front desk.   I really was looking forward to just sleeping together alone by the late, rather than in a busy camping ground.   What happened next was really cool.  The people infront of us were told they would probably get the last spot, and if there wasn't any room they'd have to go to the free camping at Lake King William.  This ended up being my best memory of the entire trip.

We ended up setting up camp alone at the lake.  We had a gorgeous view, the only sounds were birds and water.  We ate the most delicious food we'd picked up during our day along with some home made ginger beer.  We went to bed as it got dark,.

Our view and our accomodation and delicious dinner.

Tasmania Trip - Mole Creek - Filling the esky

Monday February 20th

We spent our next hours filling our esky with delicious treats from around Moll Creek.

We picked black berries on the side of the road and ate them until our hands were painted purple. 

The Honey place had live bees living in the store.  They had glassed off hives where bees were on show.  It was really awesome.  Delicious honeys and icecreams available. 

Smoked salmon from 41 degrees south.   The guy also showed us GinSeng and Wasabi.  I'm very keen to grow both at my place.  I wanted the salmon because we already had some Ashgrove wasabi cheese from Noela.  The shop keep was excited by my wasabi request and shared some wasabi vodkas he'd made.  One with the leaf and one with the root.  yummo!

We stopped in and bought chorizo and salami from a continental sausage maker.   We also went to the Deloraine whole foods store and bought cereal,  delicious salsa, local milk.  Lets just say we were very spoiled for amazing food in Tasmania.


Jan's new chainsaw

Jan bought us our chainsaw on Monday.  We certainly need it.  He's made a few cuts to this poor apple tree.  Having the trees be smaller is going to be a relief.  I will miss the privacy they've allowed us though.  We'll have to plant new trees for that purpose.

Joy and Rex visit

Jan's parents Joy and Rex came to visit.  Joy is very allergic to cat hair, so she came prepared!

Tasmania Trip - Mole Creek - Trowanna [PHOTOS]

Monday February 20th


Jan and I slept in, it was wonderful.  Then we drove to Mole Creek and visited Trowanna Wild life Sanctuary.  visit my gallery if you love lots of devil pictures

We got to pat this devil:


A spotted quoll


We could cuddle and pat this little wombat

Are these Tasmanian geese?

We enjoyed just spending time in the sanctuary, feeding kangaroos and watching birds.


Visiting Aunty Noela

This little picnic structure is amazing.  I was hoping it was real trees forming the room, but it's rendered cement BOO.   However isn't it inspiring?

Sunday February 19th

We visited Jan's Aunty Noela and Kieth.  I had only met Noela once before so it was good to finally catch up for a longer chat. We talked about gardening, quilting, family, cricket.

Noela had Peter Cundles book "The Practical Australian Gardener".  I wanted to steal it because she had hand written notes all through it from her experiences and from the radio gardening show.  I bought myself my own copy but it's just not the same.

I wish I took some photos at Noelas new house.  I was inspired by her lovely flower garden at the front door, the pretty pond in the front yard, and the fantastic vege patches.   Kieth told us about growing carrots, keeping the soil moist by planting the seeds then putting a board over them for the first few weeks.     We had a lovely dinner with a choice of their family grown beef or lamb and we picked veges from the garden moments before.

Sheep love pruning season

The sheep baah at us when we walk past now, they want leafy treats.  I think it's a bit funny that they weren't interested in oats.  I'm glad we can scratch Zooey's head now.  The other two are pretty skittish.

Tasmania Trip - Launceston - Cataract Gorge

We did some shopping in the center of Launceston.  Bought some picnic supplies and did a hike through Cataract Gorge.  We had lunch overlooking the water.

Baby Peacocks at Cataract Gorge.  SO AWESOME!

Tasmania Trip - Launceston - City Park

Sunday February 19th

We arrived in Launceston.  I was disapointed to find the Esk Markets were not on.   Instead we visited City park!.

A range of ducks at the botanical gardens

Beautiful Conservatory

Dahlia's galore.  I like the borders.  Nice path too.

Japanese Macaques

The dam is full

We got over 100mm of rain the other night, but it's pretty much been raining all week.   I guess I wish we had more water tanks and water features in our yard.


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