Berry Garden

I planted our berries along a fenceline in the sheep paddock.

Logan Berries, Silvanberries, Boysonberries and Raspberries.   They don't look too healthy and currently aren't protected from sheep at all.

Red Scarlet Beans

These beans have come up by themselves.  So pretty!  I'm pretty sure they are red scarlet beans.

First Month Gone

Well a month has gone by and we've settled in pretty well.  Many gardens are built, infact hopefully most for the summer are done now.  Our first mortgage payment has gone through and most issues with buying the house have been resolved.  Quite a few things went wrong that have been worrying us.

* Rental realestate claimed some money out of our bond for 'Break Fees'.  These were generic fees for breaking the lease we had.  They didn't invoice us for the amount they just took it straight from bond via Fair trading. was pretty rude.

* Stamp Duty,  We were supposed to get a discount for being owner occupiers, this didn't happen and now may take 3-4 months for this to be sorted out.

* We had our car broken into a while back and our Insurance company has taken a lot of nagging to pay our claim, they even closed our file when we didn't nag enough one week.  Hopefully this will be resolved some month soon.

This adding to the stress of me getting quite a bit of dental work done and selling our flat in Sydney... I'm surprised we saved a cent to pay for this place.

Here's our graph of how our principal repayments are going, how much of our home we own.

19 blocks filled, 1265 to go!  I started with the bedroom.

Tapas at Azotea

Jan and I had tapas at the new roof top restauraunt Azotea.   We went out to celebrate all the good things that have been going on in the last month.  Buying a house, Selling our flat, Jan's 35th Birthday, Me finishing a Cert III in Visual Arts and Contempory Crafts at TAFE.   After dinner we went to the movies and saw Midnight in Paris.  This humourous movie was very suitable having just finished an arts course as well, containing many artists from Paris and surrounds.

The view was lovely and the tapas was alright too.  Best of all was the nice waiter, Mitch, who we chatted with for quite a while.

Squid with Chorizo, Croquettes, Patatas Bravas, Jomon wrapped, blue cheese filled dates.  Zucchini Flowers.


Making cordial

Jan helped me collect many oranges and mandarines from our trees and we set about making cordial:

I used a 2L orange juice, 4 orange rinds, 1250g sugar and 2L water mix.  This should be a 1:10 strength cordial. It produced 4.75 Liters.

I hope this lot will last us until after christmas!


Jan and I bought 5 big barrels to keep oats, to create a lick for our sheep and to drown rotting fruit in!

The lady is selling these for a charity in Yackendanda.

Kirby Flat Pottery

Jan and I explored the garden around the Kirby Flat Pottery Gallery near Yackandandah.

Maybe we could build a similar arch way from the back yard to the front paddock.   It's an espalliared tree covering a simple structured arch.

The lovely view:

A dark ale

Jan put a dark ale on to brew tonight.  It should make over 20L of beer for us.  The first for this house and our first dark beer.

Making cider

I bought some fresh apple juice from the Causeway local food markets today.  I put 250ml into a pot of loquats and the rest I added cider yeast to.  This cider should be ready in two days.  This kit is pretty cool, it's called OzTops.  I bought mine at the Bee Sustainable store on Bruswick Street, Melbourne.  $20 kit makes about 50L of cider or sparkling wine.

Update:  I cooked the loquat/apple juice mix with some honey and water.   Once it cooled enough I poured into a sterilised PET bottle and added the Number 2 yeast which is supposed to be more fruity.  I then added a high pressure lid, which should get it up to champagne pressure (curious?).    I hope it works out.  I wrapped it in a towel and checked temperature earlier and it said 27 degrees.

John Dermer Ceramics

Jan and I went to see John Dermer's Ceramic exhibition at his studio on Sunday. His gallery is in the hills near Yackandandah.  He had a lovely range of pots showing with shiny glazes and interesting shapes.  I was taken though by his huge works in the style commissioned by parlament house in the 80s:

I really liked the general kitchen ware available in the shop as well,  rice cookers, pudding bowls, stew, plates and bowls, soup bowls. I would have loved to have bought some things, but I worry about having too many belongings, hopefully in time I can aquire some though to replace cheapy plates and bowls that are starting to wear!


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