Nalda Serles Exhibition

In my sculpture class we watched a video about Nalda Serles and her work.  She does a lot of weaving and I liked her work about kangaroos.   She also has her exbibition at the Albury city art gallery on Dean Street at the moment, so go check it out Exhibition page


Planting between the blue lines

We moved two scoops of soil onto the western fence side of our garden.  I planted rhubarb, asparagas, tree onions, strawberries, globe artichokes, lemon grass and a few herbs up there so far. I also broke up a bale of straw and just filled the top corner with that.


Marking out new garden beds

I used a can of spray paint to mark out new garden beds and path ways today.  This will be where I'll plant perenial edible plants. Asparagus, Globe Artichokes, Rhubarb, Strawberries.


I set up some seed trays with warragal greens (nz spinach), spaghetti squash, rockmelons, basil, thyme, parsley, okra.   I did a little experiment with the warragal green seeds.  I put some in straight, some wet and some I put in boiling hot water first.  It'll be interestin to see what comes up first etc. 


Herb Garden

I've created some garden beds.  The first was across from the front door:

I decided to make this my herb bed.

The soil seemed a little flat for me, it was really dry.

I used the removalist paper and some fruit from the citrus trees.  I covered it with some chicken manure and then hay.

I planted the herbs I had in here.  Parsley, Corriander, lemon verbena, chives, rosemary, sage, perenial basil, sweet basil, pineapple sage.  I also put in a row of rocket at the right side.

Little Bird

Found this little bird under our front left plum tree.  I tried feeding it cherry slugs and loquats.  What kind of bird is it?


We have frogs in our pond.  Tonight one climbed up our kitchen window to catch bugs:

We think there's some frog spawn in the pond too.  Very exciting.  We put in 8 gold fish though to eat the mosquito larvae, so hopefully they'll all live happily.  Will wait and see.



This weekend my project was to work on the vege patch.   I pulled out quite a few weeds and unwanted plants then moved the circle trellises around to create walk ways.  I then moved some self seeded tomatoes around as well, and found some other great things in there like many potatoes.

We bought seedlings and I planted Cucumbers, Egg Plants, Marigolds, Chillis, Capsicums, Zucchinis.   It's going to be an exciting summer.

I also left quite a few plants to go to seed:  Parsley, Dill, Parsnips, Silverbeet, Lettuce, Celery.

I replanted the garlic from the old house and some dried up cloves I found.  Not sure if they'll continue growing for us but we'll have to see.


Opened the well

Today we cracked open the well.

I was not expecting this:

Jan and lewie pulled that pipe up for about 5m and they didn't pull it out of the water.  WOW.   Serious cement work down there too.  Currently discussing options about how to pump the water  out, and see how fast it refills, and then figure out what we're going to do with it!.


Plant Identification - phalaris

Uncle Lewie taught us this grass is called Phalaris today.  Apparently it's a perenial.   Good for bird seed also.


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