The new gate

Jan, Lewie and Fraser worked on building us a gate into our front paddock today.   We wanted this so we could easily get sheep in and maybe out.  To have another access to our land without having to drive around the house.  For having deliveries of garden bits and pieces. Also because my mum is coming with a caravan in a months time.  It might be a good place for them to park.

Digging a hole and positioning the main post.

Jan tensioning the wires.  We were surprised that there are 10 wires between the fence posts, wow.

This was an all day job,  Luckily at the left there is an oak tree which kept the left side shaded.   There's a mini oak at the right. very posh.

And it's done!


Wiltshire Horns

Jan and I went to visit a local Wiltshire Horn breeder on Friday up at Yackandanda.   We discussed options with these sheep and we've decided to purchase two wethers and a ewe.

I chose this breed because although I am interested in wool, I doubt I'd do anything with it, and it's an extra chore.  Wiltshire Horns are self shedding.  They also are a hardy breed not needing many treatments other popular meat and wool sheep require.  We get our weened lambs at the end of the year.


Our cherry trees are affected with tiny black bugs, probably aphids:

Jan used some white oil on the affected parts. we're hoping this will help.


This week we're harvesting, Oranges, Loquats, one cherry, eggs, lettuce, dill.

jan's picture

This week

There's been a lot of progress this week. As well as continuing to unpack all the boxes in the house, we've made progress toward getting more settled.

Jaime built the nice harvest tracking system that feeds the sidebar on the right of the website (and which has already recorded the nice things we've brought in and eaten this week), started a no-dig herb garden under one of the grape vines, did a bunch of tidying up in the vegie garden and planted some new plants in there.

I put together some shelving in the larder, sprayed aphids with pest oil, bought us a wheelbarrow, figured out how the rainwater pump works, and cleaned up the pond, installing some fish to eat the mosquito larvae that were starting to propagate.

We also met a couple of our neighbours - Terry 'the bee bloke' on the western boundary, and Vern & Pam to the southwest (it turns out Vern was headmaster for several of my cousins while they were at Tallangatta High School).

I've started making plans for some of the instrumentation I'd like to lay around the place. In particular, I want the weather station up and recording, to get some web-attached cameras online (chook-cam and garden-cam), and to get soil moisture sensing plugs in the ground - which will eventually drive a self-watering system.

Our first eggs

I found our new hen (<24 hours settled) sitting in the nest we prepared:


And noticed under her leg, our first egg:

Hurrah!   I weighed it at 53grams.   A while later I wandered back out to give them some more snails.  And I found a second egg. this time 60grams.  How fabulous.

This inspired me to create a page on this site for our harvest.   There's also a sidebar on the right hand side of our site with the latest harvest items.


Our First Chooks

We bought two chooks today.  Two Rhode Island Reds:

Yesterday I mowed the chook pen and Jan whipper snipped it.   This morning I scooped the water out of the pond, it was green.  I think I'll let it sun bath a while before I refill it.

The girls have quite a bit of space.  There's a grassy area, this path infront of this old chook house then a large area around the mulberry tree

Plenty of mulberries dropping at the moment.  I have quite a few plants around they can eat, also we bought some wheat. so I think they're going to be happy here.  Plenty of shade as well.  We have a nice stock of soft straw.  

These girls are over a year old so should be ready to lay now.   Our first egg will be super exciting.  Welcome to Widget Grove girls.



A day of poultry things

We went to town to buy our chickens.  We ended up doing a tour of the chicken breeders property.

He had baby chicks:

6 Week old Pullets, we bought 6 for Felicity, 4 Isas and 2 Rhode Island Reds:

A golden Phesant:

Light Sussux, apparently if Rhode Islands and Light sussux breed they are colour coded boys and girls.

This is the Father of the chooks we bought:


Our Ute

We're buying our friends ute.  It's name is Olive,  I'll probably call it 'The Ute'.

We brought a big load of my plants over in the back of the ute, and a trailer:

We brought back atleast 10 fruit trees LOL.  Just what we needed, more fruit trees.

Materials around the place

Our house came with quite a few piles of scrap bits and pieces.  We were very pleased to have them left behind for us.  We'll also be sourcing quite a bit more scrap as well, as we have  many projects to build.

Tomato climbing frames, and metal for trellises

Bricks, Pots, Wood, Tree Trimmings

Tree trimmings and some metal pipes etc?

Some chook mesh and some metal wires?

A pile of wood and some guttering and metal bits

Wood pile with metal bits in there and guttering

Metal mesh/ trellis! and a screen door and some pipe

Paint, wire cables, electrical bits and more tiles

A box of tiles




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