Moving In

We are officially owners of Widget Grove now (or rather the bank are?).  Anyway two big containers were driven up and filled with our goodies:

The cats waited patiently for us to go!

Jan carried the first box through the door:

Who knew a container truck would fit in our driveway?

Removalists decided to bring the piano through the back door:

Piano safe and sound:

Kitties keen to go out and explore:

Stopping to smell the roses

I picked a couple of rose buds at Widget Grove this week.  I also brought home some potatoes and 3kg of oranges/citrus. yum.

Tanya and I were curious what this tree is:

There are Oaks along the front of Widget Grove.  Maybe I could make iberian serrano ham some time? ;)

Packing a garden

Three days left until we move.   I've probably packed 3/4 of our garden.  I still have a bunch of things to pot and that need transplanting.  e.g. I have about 30 heads of garlic that need another 2 months perhaps to ripen :/   We might just have to eat them as spring garlic I guess unless I can move them in the same day.


Quite a few of these plants have been in pots for around 3 weeks and are doing pretty well.  Surprisingly my water plants have lived in a bucket for over a month and are just fine.  I see a lot of signs of stress, things flowering or fruiting but in general it's going well.

Sustainability Fair, Valhalla Vineyard

Today I volunteered with Seed Savers at the sustainability fair near Rutherglen held at Valhalla vineyard.   It was nice to be out and about with like minded people.  I suspected the weather was going to be terrible but it was a fabulous day.

Jenny Davis brought her astralorps and some little ducklings.  I want them!  Not sure how many to get or when, but yay.

I was lucky enough to see David Taylor talk about making compost.  Apparently the secret ingredient is molassus.  Apparently it collects the goodness to it and allows plants access to it (in my basic understanding?)

I got greenhouse envy.  I think I pretty much want a structure like this to grow seedlings in at the new place, plus raised beds are handy huh:

Finally Gardens for Wildlife were there and Jenny and Wolfgang were showing off bird boxes,  they've convinced me that we need to do some research and build an easy birdbox to hang in our gum tree:

Honey Extracting

My classmate Jenny invited me to come see some honey being extracted from comb.   We visited Anna's house and she'd already prepared the comb by taking it from the hive, placing the combs in plastic tubs which Bees hate, so you can just release bees as they try to escape.  First up the floor was covered in card board boxes to prevent a sticky mess. With a hot special knife the comb was capped, openiing up each hexagon for honey extraction.

Next the frames were put in the extractor which was manually turned to have the honey come out.  It's ok to leave some honey on the wax because bees will clean it off for you later.


Wonga Wetlands

In Print making this week, we had an excursion to the Wonga Wet Lands to do some drawing.   I also took some photographs for inspiration for the next project we'll be doing.  We need to concentrate on textures.  We also have to write a proposal by next week about what we intend to create. eep.



Well we're pretty much packed now.   12 days until we move.   Half the garage is full of boxes, most of the furniture is pulled apart or emptied and ready to go:


Not long now!

Out Buildings and structures

There's a chook pen, which has an old chook house on it

There's a pergoda for sheep to hide out in the shade

There's a well

Hay shed with a chook house built into the back

Inside the chook shed

A shaded vege patch

That black shed on the right is a smoking shed for smoking meat inside, plus you can see the washing line.

SO there is a pretty comprehensive tour of Widget Grove before we move in.


Inside the house - part 3

Widget Grove comes with 2 garages and a back patio.  The first garage is the full length of the house (i.e. the size of 2nd garage plus the room behind it) Here's some pics:

Garage 2 is probably where we'll keep the car.  It had some shelving and an auto door.

The back room of the garage has more shelving and I think I'll turn this into my pantry and storage area for preserves etc.

The patio has a built in wood fired BBQ

The other side of the patio has the tank, and built in garden areas, a fountain and a fish pond.

Shelving outside the back door, great for preparing fish? meat? veges?  I want to  put in a sink out here as well, for washing produce.



Inside the house - part 2

Widget Grove comes with 4 bedrooms:

Master Bedroom.  Walk in robe at left leads to main bathroom.

Bedroom 2 = My office.  Hope my big desks fit.  Looks like plenty of room.

Bedroom 3 = The Guest Room,  It has built in cupboards:

The 4th room is Jan's office, it also has built in cupboards:

Laundry.  There's a decent space on the opposite wall to this to put a big cupboard or bench or both.


Bathroom Number 2



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