Inside the house - part 1

My friend Noelle pointed out that I haven't shown y'all around the inside of our new home.  Probably a good time to show these photos off of an empty inside before we move our stuff in in 15 days.

The house was built by the owner who bought the block in 1988.  So the house is probably around 23 years old.  The interiors are quite late 1980's style but it's all servicable.


This is the kitchen, electric stove (I prefer gas).  No dish washer.  That's a lino floor for anyone excited about the stone hehe.  Plenty of cupboards and bench space and I think we'll put the dishwasher under the right hand side of the sink.

Living/Dining room

The living dining area, and you can see into the lounge room.  This is a house with many arches.

Looking back out from the lounge room.  You can see the porch area from the front door to the drive here too.

Main bathroom, the red theme follows through hehe.

Main bathroom's shower and toilet.

Hall way, with built ins

Can see this side of the living/dining room and the entrance area from the front door.


Fruit to come at Widget Grove

We went to Widget Grove today to pick some citrus and do some tidying up in the garden.  My motive for going there was to check on the mulberries:

Looks like they're only a week away!  maybe 2.   We move in in 16 days.

Here's some other fruit that's coming:



Nectarines or plums?






Orange Cordial

Today I made 4L of orange cordial.  I did 2L of orange juice, 1.8kg sugar and 2L of water.    It is very sweet.  With 450g of sugar in each bottle and 1L making 10L of cordial:  1:10 ratio.  That means there's 11.25g of sugar per 250mL serve.  CalorieKing says 250mL of coke has  28.1g of sugar.   I'll also attempt a less sugary version next time and see how it keeps.  I bought these glass bottles at the reject shop for $1 each!

My work in an Art Exhibition

My class at TAFE has an exhibition at GIGS gallery on the Wodonga Causeway until October 26th.  On Friday night we went to the opening.  I had pieces in 4 installations:

1.  Myself with my sculpture 'Shiny Steve'.  It's an assemblage and I also did some electronics work.  Jan made me a circuit for a VCR panel as well that flashes on it's chest.

2.  These are our silk screened prints from print making.  Mine is the third column second row.  We made stencils of jugs and vases.

3.  These were our mudrock sculptures from Sculpture class.  I made a choko (top right) and a work boot that's on the left.

4. Some of my leaves are part of this collection.  They are brown gum leaves and one has a gum nut.  We made these as our first project in ceramics.

The opening was a lovely affair, I had a few people pop in and see my work which was greatly appreciated.  We also walked around to the creaators gallery and saw some photography as well at another opening.


Soap Carving

In my sculpture class on Thursday we did soap carving.   My first attempt was a mushroom:

Before:                                                                           Midway:

End Result:

I also did an onion with the other half of the bar, and a work converting a 2D picture of a classic sculpture into 3D.


I made 10 bottles of marmalade.  I first made a plain orange (well citrus, some blood orange and mandarines went in).  Then I thought I'd be clever and do a second batch with lime and ginger, but I was tired and it got burnt BOOO bottled 3 bottles of it anyway, we'll see how bad it is when we open it later on :).

Looks quite black lol.  On the plate it looked caramelly. damn.


Walk Today - CSU Thurgoona

Our walk today took us through the Thurgoona campus of CSU.  We went to check out what was going on in the lovely vege beds they've set up:

We noticed most of the veges were going to seed and hadn't been harvested.  We speculated at this might be a symptom of not knowing who owned the harvest.  In a free for all system perhaps everyone feels the goodies belong to someone else.  Perhaps their studies are time consuming and getting free food is too hard?   Anyway the garden is bigger than when I last visited in 2010.  We also wandered around their orchard with many lovely fruit trees to identify.  We're getting fairly good at identifying trees, we'll have to delve into it further and learn which are early, mid or late season fruiters so we can get one of each at Widget Grove.

Here are some pretty birds we saw on our walk[bad photo]:



I'm on the look out for small (or any) jars with metal pop top lids.  I'm going to make some marmalade from our orange crop from Widget Grove.   I went to some op shops and asked but apparently I'd 'just missed out'.  I've enquired at TAFE and everyone seemed either to have none (what not a horder??) to be holding onto jars for their own preserves.   The Thurgoona supermarket has a sign out the front asking people to drop jars to a ladies house.   Later at lunch time one lady enquired if I'd like some Fowler Jars as she'd stopped using the large ones.  I went around to my friends house and she gave me some instruction on how to put the seal on, how to release airbubbles, how to seal the lids.  So I brought home these beauties:

10 number 31s and 10 number 27s.  Phwoah :).  I couldn't say no to those.  But I'm still looking out for smaller jars for jam.  Supermarket is selling jars for $2.39 for the smallest ones. eep.  Got any cheapy jam jars? 

p.s.  My mother in law Jasmine has offered me a lot of Fowlers jars if I wait patiently until December.

jan's picture

New kitten bed?

When we move into Widget Grove, it might be time to get the kittens a new, larger bed... they seem to have outgrown the current one.

Kittens in their basket


Spring Growth

We visited Widget Grove today to collect 15 kgs worth of citrus. I intend to preserve some of it and I'll write about it later.   We arrived to find 3 gardeners working hard weeding, mowing, poisoning paths with roundup[EEK], doing edges, blowing leaves off the drainage ways.   Basically working up a heavy sweat while we casually picked fruit.   They commented how much work the place is going to be.  How large the fruit trees are, how there seems to be too many fruit trees.  But in general thought we were lucky to find such a cool spot.   Jan arranged for them to dump the lawn clippings on the property rather than take them away. Apparently it costs them to dispose of the clippings anyway so they were happy to do it.  I think we could use the material.   MEANWHILE look at how much the grass on the paddock has grown in a few weeks:


Will need sheepies sooner than later I reckon ;).


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