Jan has been making awesome things with our fig harvest.  We got about 15kgs of figs this year.  Jan made Jam, Paste and dried figs.  yummo.  Apparently also worth quite a small fortune around these parts. A good tree for us even though it needs covering to protect it from fruit fly.

Baby Wearing

Baby Wearing

Jan trying out the Baby Born with Arthur for the first time.

They did it again

Bender and Arthur sleep in the same pose.   Quite often.

Cheese platter

Cheese Platter


Chris made the garlic olives.  Jan made the fig paste, they are grapes from our vine.   A fancy dinner for a Sunday night served with some local red wine from Scion.

A bit of Glamour


Walking around neighbourhood

Our yard has sheep in it, but on our walk around the neighbour hood we pass a yard with horses.



So this is our paddock with our sheep.   I think it's also a good picture of the overwhelming amount of land we have to work with to build a garden in the future.

Future House

House Plan

So as part of this idea of thinking of the future and how we want the property to be, we also have been thinking about our house design.  There's a load of things I don't like about our house.

* Gets very cold in the winter

* Could use more insulation for the summer

* There's no view, we have 2 acres but the house looks over less than 1/4 of it. and any views are blocked.

* No where to sit in the sun in winter

* Bedroom walk in is annoying

* Bedroom ensuite isn't private

* Bedrooms are tiny

* The meals/family area is awkward, we're not using it very well

* I'd like a door going straight out from the laundry to the washing line

* No access to the house from the car garage / Larder.


Anyway here's my first plan of how to change the house keeping the main structure.

Future House

Tidying the pantry

Tidy Pantry

I finally got around to tidying up the pantry.  I even labelled the shelves.  I left room for appliances behind the goodies because the cupboard is so deep.  I stuck up our cuts of meat diagrams and kitchen conversion sheets as well.



We set a goal for 2013 to come up with a vision for Widget Grove.   Something to guide us towards how we want the property to be in the long term future.   We're doing it the right way.  We've survey'd the sight, got where the sun comes uup, where existing trees, structures, water sources are.  We've drawn a lot of maps that layer on top of each other.  However we still don't have a place to start.


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