He's a good model :)

Canned Nectarines

Jan decided to can the last of the nectarines


He boiled the bottles


Cut up the fruit

Cut Nectarines

Made up a syrup


And Canned those nectarines

Canned Nectarines


Baby Chickens Dust Bathing

This used to be a lovely little garden with a peace lilly in it.

Bender & Arthur - Sunday Napping

New Member

We took Arthur with us to Seed Savers.  He was pretty good too!

Seed Savers

The theme of Seed Savers on Wednesday was Tomatoes.  They talked about the issues with growing tomatoes in our region (Fruit Fly, Diseases).  We also discussed keeping the seed.

Arthur 2 Months Old

Arthur is 2 months old now.  He spent some time on the sheeps skin this morning.  He wriggled his way around in circles.

Nectarine Sour Cream Cake

Jan made a nectarine sour cream cake from our haul of Nectarines.

Peaches & Nectarines




Jan got a good haul of fruit from under the fruit fly netting in our front yard.  Peaches, Nectarines & Apples.

What's this bird?

We heard the chooks making a fuss then saw this bird in our duck pond


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