We've been on a bit of a bark/woodchip rampage around our garden.  We watched the documentary 'Back to Eden'

This article summarises the method.  Basically the wood chips provide a skin for the soil and protect it.  

I actually haven't come into gardening thinking I need to 'till the soil'  infact I am really a believer in leaving the soil alone and trying to add as much organic matter as I can to help it be a strong ecosystem.


I planted these pretty crysanthemums, some violets and barked over the area.  I'm hoping we can take control of our driveway gardens.  We'll still need to weed the bark areas but it looks lovely.

Blue Tongue Lizzard

I have seen this guy a few times.  I think he lives in our front garden somewhere.  I should get some rocks for that garden so he can stay safer inside.  I've also seen a few skinks around the place, plus the frogs we see.  I'm really happy to see these critters around. I think it means we're doing some things right.

Creators Art Gallery

We visited the Creators Art gallery on the Lincoln Causeway last night.   The works on display there at the moment are all creations of the members.   They are all really great! I think it's worth a visit.  I was very tempted to buy atleast two of the works.

Trout at Easter

Tim came to stay at Easter and brought us two trout he caught that day.   It reminded me that I also want to go fishing once in a while.  How lucky are we to have such amazing food sources around us.


Autumn Flowers

We brought these Dahlias from Felicities,  We grew them in Thurgoona, and I brought the bulbs with us to here.  They are planted just next to the front gate on the inside.


Garlic Garden

Jan made this garden under these two apple trees.  I've put in some parsnip and carrot seeds.  I'll also push in some garlic cloves.  Then some coriander on top.

Ring Tail possum

I was starting to prune this big loquat and this ring tail possum came across to tell me to not cut down her home.  Guess we'll wait for her to move on before we prune it more.  We will also need to plant some more trees to house local animals.  We have bush tail possums in our yard too.


We brought a ute load of hay home with us after a dinner up at Mitta for Lewies Birthday.  I thought we were going to collect the ruined hay on the side of the road, but it was huge round bales that we wouldn't be able to get on the truck.

Bantam tractor

We moved the bantams to the back of the vege patch.  They'll spend the next week or so being moved across the soil where they will eat bugs, seeds and weed for me.  After each move I'll plant and cover the soil again.


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