Duck Proof Trough Take 1

The ducks will swim and poo in anything.  Jan invented this trough cover.  It worked well for a couple of days then kind of deformed and ducks still swim on top at the moment.  Take 2 will come soon.

Harvesting covered fruit

I went around our yard and pulled all the fruit that had been covered off the trees.  We ended up with quite a bit.  I didn't need to cover the grapes though it did delay them ripening so we have grapes now when most others have fallen off.   Golden delicious apples and some red apples and some pears.   Not a bad little harvest, but imagine what we'll get when we finish pruning and cover our trees with nets to protect them from fruit fly.

More chillis

A couple more chillis have gone into the freezer from Felicities patch.

Art in the Witches garden

Jan and I did some painting in the Witches Garden with Felicity.  I haven't created out door spaces to just be in my garden yet, that's next on my goals.  It was nice to be outside painting and relaxing for the afternoon anyway.

Water melons

We grew a couple of little water melons.  I've kept some seed, hopefully they'll grow just as well or better next year.

Baranduda Hill

Jan and I went for a walk with the Border Bush Walking Club.  It took us up behind our house in the Baranduda Hills.   It was a great first walk for us up there.  We're looking forward to taking more trips up the hill and more walks with the club.

March 2012 Harvest

25.658 Kilograms of food produced in our garden in March 2012.  There was a  lot of variety.

Egg plants and Capsicums

I picked our first eggplants and capsicums yesterday.  There's still more out there to come in.   We made a huge green curry and froze enough for 8 servings as well.  I need some more capsicum, potato and egg plant ideas.


We picked 5kgs of persimmons not yet ripened from the tree.  The idea is they will ripen inside gradually and we'll be able to eat them rather than the birds helping themselves.

Seed Savers: Broccoli returned.

Jan saving our parsnip seeds

Me saving seeds from our carrots.

We spent a few hours at Seed Savers on Saturday.  We deposited parsnip and carrot seeds from our garden.  We brought home quite a few seed treats.  The most impressive one were some broccoli seeds we'd deposited when we first arrived.  I've since run out of those seeds and had even forgotten we'd given them.  It was great broccoli and I'm hoping it'll be wonderful once again. If it grows I need to remember to save seeds to deposit once again.  I also brought home a container of "Green Manure" which was basically a big tub they were throwing all the old seed into.  I'm looking forward to seeing what comes up out of that!


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