Hume Murray Farmers Market and Hume Building Society Sustainability Fair

There's going to be a really cool event on at the Lincoln Causeway in a couple of weeks.  It's a joint local food market and Sustainability fair.  If you've been meaning to get to the food markets for a while, this is the weekend to go.  it's going to be tops.

 Saturday March 31 – Gateway Village, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga, 8am - 12pm

This free event will inform and engage the local community about our environment and coincide with Earth Hour. Stalls will be hosted by local producers, local environmental community groups and retailers. For further details email

Duck pond

While I was in Sydney, Jan bought our ducks a swimming pond.  it didn't take them long to find it and jump in for a dive.  We just need to find a place for this where it'll water and fertilise a vege garden every few days when we need to refil it.

A day trip to Sydney

Last monday I took a day trip to Sydney for work.   I have to admit the commute was quite nice as a rare thing.  I got to read three magazines!  I got to eat breakfast out and drink a coffee someone else made for me.

Jan's cousin Ula's picture was up in the airport lounge!

I arrived early.  The whole city had the strong smell of espresso and bacon.  I wondered how everyone could look so miserable with that smell around!  This picture is from Angel Place in the center of Sydney.

It was a good trip, I got to meet my workmates face to face, I normally see them every morning on a video conference.

The NRMA building where I worked for the day, way up high.   The trip was 5am until 10pm and I didn't get to spend any time at all in my garden, it was very strange.

Beautiful White Ducks

These are our two new white ducks.  We picked them up from Jenny at Australorp Poultry Albury.   We also got our 6 Australorps and 2 brown ducks from Jenny.  Jenny gave me a lovely canvas bag with her logo and a picture of Australorps on it.  Very cool.  I haven't named these beauties yet, One is a girl, the other a boy.  The girl is quite loud. 

Our four ducks are Buff Orpinton crossed with Kahki Campbell.  Where the Kahki Campbell is dominant making the brown ducks and the white duck pairs.

Planning for winter

Today I finally put on paper my plans for the vege beds for winter.   I find the big vege bed we have quite awkward because there aren't obvious paths in there for me to walk.   This is the plan for this season, but I think i'd like to convert the bed into something more practical in the future.


This second bed is the one under Jan's office window.  It's pretty much going to be a legume garden for the winter.  I'm looking forward to peas and broadbeans though, so I hope it works out.

Seedlng greenhouse

Jan bought me this greenhouse for my birthday in February.  I put it together on Sunday.  I also planted some seeds for our winter crops.  Mustard, Lettuce, Broccoli, Corriander, sweet peas, onions, spring onions, bok choi & eccanasia.   I like the feel of this new setup for seeds.  I've had problems with draining just having the seeds on the table, otherwise I tend to just forget where I put the pots I plant in.

Tomato Relish

We put up 4 bottles of green tomato relish on Sunday.   I'm very happy too because our lot from last year only has one bottle left.  This should get us through until next year with relshes for our salad sandwiches.


I harvested our chillis on Saturday.  I think there's enough there to make quite a few meals in the winter.  They're safely put in the freezer until then.  We should get more fresh ones while the weather is warm too.

Jan and the mulcher

Jan managed to fix the mulcher we got from freecycle by replacing the fuse.  He's found it a bit tempremental, it seems to reverse the direction it spins even though it's only got blades going one way.

It's also funny watching a ute load of branches turn into a tiny pile of chips.

Tasmania Trip - Launceston to Home

Sunday February 26th

Jan and I drove to Richmond.  There were some old buildings there, all very interesting.  I'm surprised by my lack of photos really.

We had lunch at a bakery in Ross.  I had their "famous scallop pie"  It was pretty good.  Jan had scones and jam and cream.  My dad was calling us all day about his server issues.

In the afternoon we met Jan's cousin Edwin in Launceston at the water front.   Our car was so full of camping gear and other junk that Jan had to do two trips for us three to get to Edwin's house.  I along the lovely pier.  We really had the best weather on our trip to Tassie,  I guess it was too hot at times, but no rain, no wild winds.

Jan and Edwin and Oliver the most gorgeous cat with stunning blue eyes.  

We made it onto the boat and had a mediocre buffet dinner again.  I took lots of seasick pills and my vision went blury and I just remember taking off my shoes and turning off light and falling asleep in the cabin.  Jan tells me I was talking in my sleep.

Monday February 27th

As we pulled into Melbourne there was a gorgeous red glow over the city.   We had a wonderful catch up, leasurely breakfast with Gorgeous Clancye at a cafe.  Clancey packed us some treats for the road, and some mixed cds and we were off for home!


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