Tasmania Trip - Hobart - MONA

Saturday February 25th

Today was sobering because I found out a guy who I'd been chatting to online for the last year, Polycarbonate1, had passed away in Adelaide, he was only 21!  It was a sudden accident and I was left feeling like I was part way through a conversation with him and it wouldn't be finished.

I met my friends Monica and Karl at the Mona Art Gallery in Hobart.   There were some lovely markets on called MOMA.  It's all local produce and worth a visit if you're in town.  I tried yummy sheeps milk liquer.  We have our ewe Zooey and I'd like to milk her some time and make cheese.  I was dying from the 39 degree heat.  I had to quickly escape away from the sun into the MONA art gallery.

I actually didnt' have MONA on my must see list.   This is a world class art museum, it really is fabulous.  The artists are Australian,  The works are really great.  I usually don't like modern art, well the kind where someone spashes a bit of paint and says that's just how they were feeling that day... All the works here however really had thought behind them and I really enjoyed seeing every one.  I didn't enjoy SMELLING the poo machine tho.

Jan and I played some old school donkey kong together there too.

Australorps and ducks

We picked up our 6 new chickens and 2 ducks on Saturday.  We were delayed a couple of weeks getting them so they'd grown pretty huge.  The chooks are about 10 weeks old and the ducks about 7 weeks.

We kept them in the chook house we haven't used yet behind the hay shed for the remainder of Saturday then let them out in the evening into the chook yard.

I'm actually happy the Australorps are a bit bigger because they can hold their own with our grown up rhode island reds.   Also it's less time until they'll give us eggs.

I ended up chasing them in circles around the paddock today after they got out.  I'm glad they're safely back in the pen now though.

I'm already frustrated how the ducks muck up their drinking water.  We'll have to get them one of those upright drinking bottles.  I also plan on getting a pair of shell swimming pools so I can refill them every other day.



Tasmania Trip - Hobart - Salamanca Markets

Saturday February 25th - Jan and Tai at the Salamanca Markets

We spent hours at the Salamanca markets.  I bought seeds and bulbs and gardening books,  jan bought gardening sheers.  I got to spy Tino Carnevale shopping there as well.

It really is a great market, the kind that takes hours to take in.   We had lunch together with Joy & Rex in Salamanca Square.  The temperature was hitting 40 Degrees C.  Again in my jeans I was sweltering.  I never would have believed my Tasmanian friends that it hit 40 in Tassie... EVER.

We saw our friend Kristina with her Goats Milk Soap stall as well.  If you're ever in Tassie, go say hi, or you can buy soap on their website Island Sky Goats milk soap.

Goats Milk Soap

Tasmania Trip - Oatlands

Friday Februray 24th

We packed up the campsites today, lunch at Oatlands Bakery, Gourmet chicken and lamb pies. a walk around the Callington Mill.  I am fascinated by milling grains.  I didn't have a lot of time here.  I tried to talk to the staff but they were busy/rude.

I'm glad we got this shot with Molly.  Every time we see her she's atleast a year older!   Molly mentioned she loved visiting with us at Mitta Mitta last year around this time, hope we can catch up again before a whole year has gone by.

Callington Mill, We all liked the look of those espalliared apples.  I guess I'm keen on setting up some fruit trees like that too.

As we arrived into Hobard, Jan and I dropped into Larks distillery for a whiskey tasting and bought a bottle of bush liquer.

That night we stayed in with Tai and Emma.  Drinks, pizza, sitting on the deck.   Jan fixed their mower, clever boy.

Tasmania Trip - Wine Glass Bay

Thursday February 23rd

We did the Wine Glass Bay walk.   I knew I was going to find it rough and I took the whole walk very slowly.  It was a hot day and I only packed jeans for Tasmania, incorrectly assuming it'd be cold!

The view from the lookout over Wine Glass Bay

One of my regular breaks on the way down to the beach

Jan and I swam in this clear water, ice cold, but perfect for my aching legs.  Both of us said "ouch my kidney's" as we dove in.

That night we had a family BBQ at Jan's parents cabin.  The three Schmidt boys and their partner so there were some shinanigans.

We spent time with our niece Molly too. playing dressups, walking around the campsite and shops, having silly conversations, jokes and laughs.

Tasmania Trip - Hobart to Coles Bay

Wednesday February 22nd

We bought fresh raspberries from a man on the side of the road. We stopped briefly at this apple museum shop.  

At the top of Mt Wellington we stopped and had a picnic lunch and looked over at Hobart and water views.

We stopped at Kates Berry farm and bought the most amazing mingle berry jam, fabulous cherries also some absolutely delicious chocolates, had yummy coffees, dreamt about our own berry growing future.

We met Jan's dad's side of the family at Coles bay.  This was the whole reason we went to Tassie.   We had a good catch up and ate at the Tavern, I drank a couple of pints of the local brew Hazard Ale.

"lying in bed in our tent, can hear the ocean waves and murmurs of other campers"

I didn't sleep well, oddly it was the noisiest night I've had since we stayed in Melbourne in January.

February 2012 Harvest Totals

We got to eat our first and only tiny apple, out of 9 trees that's a pretty big fail.  The bantams stopped laying and our reds started up again.   We preserved figs and tomatoes.  We gave away most of the grapes.

Tasmania Trip - Island Sky - Goats Milk Soap

Tuesday February 21st

We went and stayed with our friends Craige and Kristina at their farm in Geeveston,  south west in Tasmania.   It was really great to see their property and discuss their plans for the future, expanding their business and growing their home on their own land.   I'm looking forward to seeing how they progress with their ideas.  They have so many goals in common with us.


We visited their goats and Alpacas.  We even got a chance to milk their goats the next morning.  Best of all was petting the baby goats, so cute.

Milking goats was hard on my hands and I only did it for about 1 minute.  I'd still be interested in having goats in the future, and maybe even milking one goat to make cheese. Kristina hand milks and hand makes goats milk soap.  Their goats milk soap available on their website Island Sky.

Goats Milk Soap Island Sky

Kristina gave me one of each of her soaps.  I'm going to try using them to see if it helps my ecsma on my hands.  I get ecsma from a nickle allergy, heat and stress.   I used it for the first time on Saturday March 3rd and my hand did really feel like it was going to clear  up.  I've now put one at each tap I wash my hands and see how it goes over a longer time.  The weather is getting cooler now so that also will be improving my skin.

Tasmania Trip - Driving to Huonville

Tuesday February 21st

We went to the Greg Duncam carvings.  It's a giant wall of wood carved into the history of Tasmania.  no pictures allowed.

We wound our way across the mountains from Lake St Claire towards Hobard.  We past some Hydro electricity plants.

After a couple of hours we started searching for a picnic spot.  I ended up driving right up a logging trail to the top of one hill and we set up a little picnic and ate hotdogs and sat quietly for about an hour in the bush.


Autumn is here

The weather has cooled down and we're coming to the end of our summer crops.   This is a meal I made using many of the ingredients from our garden.

Golden nugget pumpkin and white button squash stuffed with cous cous, eggs, pine nuts, chillis, sage, parsley, chives, melted cheese.  A garden salad of cucumber, rocket and tomato.


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