Painting Jan's Office

Our helpx friends have been helping us paint Jan's office this week.  They painted the undercoat including all over the ceiling.  They've slowly been working on the other coats as well.  Still quite a bit to go!


Another Set of Trees

We have our second HelpX workers at the moment Luka & Hugo.  The first task we started on was planting trees.  First we scavanged fence posts, project wire and other bits and pieces from around our yard

Then we set to work planting the trees which involved digging into the hard soil to make a hole, hammering in a stake, gently planting the seedling then covering it with a coreflute surround.

We built a fence around the area where the first trees were planted to protect them from sheep


Tangello Cordial

I made a batch of tangello cordial with all the tangellos from our trees.  It made 5.5 bottles.   We drank some of the half bottle with our lunch on Thursday.


Sheep fence

The helpx guys strung the sheep fence and hung the gate with Jan.  The idea is we'll keep the sheep further back on our lot in an L shape paddock running along two fence lines.  There are two gates in the fence that will hopefully work out to get out there to the trees etc.



We've signed up for a cool new site. Help Exchange.  The idea is that people that want to come stay in our area can come stay with us and we provide them with meals.  In exchange they help us with tasks around our property.  We have our first two people booked in for next week.  I'm hoping we can finish the sheep fences and net the fruit trees while they are here. Here is our profile:

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