Little Bird

Found this little bird under our front left plum tree.  I tried feeding it cherry slugs and loquats.  What kind of bird is it?

Plant Identification - phalaris

Uncle Lewie taught us this grass is called Phalaris today.  Apparently it's a perenial.   Good for bird seed also.

Stopping to smell the roses

I picked a couple of rose buds at Widget Grove this week.  I also brought home some potatoes and 3kg of oranges/citrus. yum.

Tanya and I were curious what this tree is:

There are Oaks along the front of Widget Grove.  Maybe I could make iberian serrano ham some time? ;)


There was one tree we had been curious about at Widget Grove but we think now is a persimmon.  We found four point stars underneath it:

Persimmon star

Lovely lush green leaves:


It wasn't until we went to visit The Little House on the Hill and saw Karen's persimmon that we have identified it.  Here's hers:


Looking forward to the fruit anyway.  A lot of identification work to go on around our new place.

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