Sheep fence

The helpx guys strung the sheep fence and hung the gate with Jan.  The idea is we'll keep the sheep further back on our lot in an L shape paddock running along two fence lines.  There are two gates in the fence that will hopefully work out to get out there to the trees etc.


Wiltshire Horns

Jan and I went to visit a local Wiltshire Horn breeder on Friday up at Yackandanda.   We discussed options with these sheep and we've decided to purchase two wethers and a ewe.

I chose this breed because although I am interested in wool, I doubt I'd do anything with it, and it's an extra chore.  Wiltshire Horns are self shedding.  They also are a hardy breed not needing many treatments other popular meat and wool sheep require.  We get our weened lambs at the end of the year.


One of the first purchases we'll probably make is a ride on lawn mower.  But in the mean time I've been looking at more sustainable alternatives to a large grass mower.  Today on The Witches Kitchen Linda Woodrow talked about her self propelled push mower which sounds good.   Jan has talked about maybe converting our cheapy mowor into a robot.   I've been thinking we could get a lawn mower with more advantages, namely sheep.



One good rule to use in a permaculture system is to come up with 5 reasons why you want something, five ways it'll enhance the system.

1.  They will eat grass so less mowing

2.  They will provide manure so better soil

3.  They will have wool which I can use for crafts or again as a product to improve soil

4.  We can use the meat from the sheep

5.  We could breed more sheep using our sheep and milk the sheep and make cheese.


So far I've had recommendations for Wiltshire Horns, Damaras and Dorpers.  I'll start doing more reading, but to start with I thought I'd get 2 girl sheep with the plan to get them pregnant soon enough.

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