It's been a while

There's lots to write about but I'll start from today.  In season at our place at the moment : Oranges, Mandarines, lemons, tangellos, broad beans, snow peas, peas, silver beet, luttuce, Also got a nice supply of eggs, mint, parsley, lovage & rosemary. 

We have a lot of silverbeet.  I might try the oven baked chips where we spray them with oil and bake.



I've been weeding the vege patch and planting the new spring crops.  I planted globe artichokes, tomatoes, chillis, celery, basil, purple king beans, pumpkins (Blue, Butternut & golden nugget), zucchinis, cucumbers, thyme, more rosemary, sunflowers.

Spring Growth

We visited Widget Grove today to collect 15 kgs worth of citrus. I intend to preserve some of it and I'll write about it later.   We arrived to find 3 gardeners working hard weeding, mowing, poisoning paths with roundup[EEK], doing edges, blowing leaves off the drainage ways.   Basically working up a heavy sweat while we casually picked fruit.   They commented how much work the place is going to be.  How large the fruit trees are, how there seems to be too many fruit trees.  But in general thought we were lucky to find such a cool spot.   Jan arranged for them to dump the lawn clippings on the property rather than take them away. Apparently it costs them to dispose of the clippings anyway so they were happy to do it.  I think we could use the material.   MEANWHILE look at how much the grass on the paddock has grown in a few weeks:


Will need sheepies sooner than later I reckon ;).

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