Reasons - Why did we choose to live in Albury / Wodonga

When we moved back to Australia in 2009 we had decided to live in Melbourne.   However after some consideration we decided what we really wanted was to be more self sufficient.  We started to write down our concerns and what we wanted out of life.  Here's some of those things that I can explore more in depth over time.


Peak Oil: Petrol is going to get more expensive and things made of oil are going to be more expensive.  This makes food harder to grow and to find.  Electricity costs will rise.

Climate Change: There's going to be more unpredictable weather.  Crops will be unavailable and there'll be more and more natural disasters.

Distance:  We knew we'd like to be close to a decent sized city so we could get all we need and be part of a community.  The main reason we need to be close however is to get decent speed  internet access. (Hopefully we will have this at Widget Grove).  So we made a goal of being 20kms from a city. 

Access & Facilities : This city should have schools, shops, transport (Airport, trainstation, bus station).  We also want an environmental community.  As we circled our way on a map out from Melbourne we found Albury suited our needs the best for these things.

Size:  From the get go we knew we wanted land.  We've explored houses from 1/4 acre up to 50 acres.  We knew at the very least 1/3 would be the minimum we could do all we wanted with.

Price:  We considered prices more after we lived in the area for a while.  Properties I liked were well above $500,000.  We were on the lookout for a place for less than $400,000 with a decent sized house with land attached.

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